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Praise for World Traveler Tales

Chance Encounters is a compilation of wonderful stories by travel writers for people who love to travel, or wish they could! Each personal essay featured is a glimpse into another life, another time, another place, and reminds us that we are connected in ways we often don’t initially recognize. - Debbie McClure Kimberley Lavato's story of the woman in the elevator was really touching. Every moment of life should be savored, especially when you're traveling. - Susan Wilson "What a fun beach read. The short stories were perfect for reading on vacation." - R. Bhavesh Chance Encounters is for both the armchair traveler and those who love exploring the world on their own. - Steven Klein A Pink Suitcase worked on many levels, all coming together to create a very satisfying read. An utterly, totally, completely enjoyable travelogue. I loved every page of this book. - Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill Book Reviews

About World Traveler Press

World Traveler Press celebrates the joy of travel in books, video and online. Look for our growing travel anthology series -- World Traveler Tales. This collection of short stories is sure to entertain and inspire.