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  • Sally Wendkos Olds

    Sally Wendkos Olds

    Award-winning author Sally Wendkos Olds has written extensively about intimate relationships, personal growth, and issues throughout the life cycle. Read More

  • Gina Kremer

    Gina Kremer

    Travel writer Gina Kremer of Denver has an insatiable thirst for adventure and a self-diagnosed case of chronic wanderlust. Read More

  • Rob Woodburn

    Rob Woodburn

    Rob Woodburn is a seasoned journalist, travel writer, blogger and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Read More

  • Cece Romanyshyn

    Cece Romanyshyn

    Cece RomanyshynCece Romanyshyn is a freelance writer and elementary school librarian in Fraser, Colorado. Read More

  • Margie Goldsmith

    Margie Goldsmith

    Margie Goldsmith, winner of the SATW Gold Lowell Thomas and 32 other awards is a finalist in two categories in Folio’s 2014 Eddie and Ozzie Awards c Read More

  • Annia Lekka

    Annia Lekka

    Annia Lekka was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, but grew up in London. She has completed four novels and is currently working on her fifth. Read More

  • Christina Hamlett

    Christina Hamlett

    Former actress and director Christina Hamlett is an award winning author whose credits to date include 31 books, 156 stage plays, 5 optioned feature f Read More

  • Gabriella Brand

    Gabriella Brand

    Gabriella Brand’s short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Room Magazine, The Mom Egg, Culinate, Step Away, Read More

  • Rick Zullo

    Rick Zullo

    Rick Zullo is an award-winning travel writer living between Rome and South Florida. Read More

  • Peter Mandel

    Peter Mandel

    Peter Mandel, whose work appears in both Chance Encounters and Adventures of a Lifetime, has won several Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism awards. Read More