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Chance Encounters: Travel Tales from Around the World

Published Date: November 15, 2014

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5 x 8 inches


Travel never goes quite like we expect. Planes are late, maps are misread and unexpected detours are made. When this happens, the twisting roads of travel can lead to adventures we never imagined – and lessons we never expected to learn. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we cross paths with people who show us life from a different angle or provide kindness when it’s needed most. Those we meet while traveling can change our journey, our experiences or even our lives. Come along with some of the world’s top travel writers as they share their stories from around the globe.


• Meet three Americans who help a Belgian woman find her voice

• Bust a move with harmonica-playing pygmies in Uganda

• See how a former enemy can become your friend

• Watch a Kenyan girl face a heartbreaking custom with bravery

• Learn from a wise young monk as he hikes in Bhutan

• Marvel at the kindness of strangers on a pilgrimage in Japan

• Take an unforgettable elevator ride with a courageous woman in Paris

• Gain new understanding during an unspoken conversation in Cambodia

• Experience Nepal through the eyes of a child

• Take a wild ride in Turkey depending only on the kindness of strangers

And many more…

Author Information

Chance Encounters includes stories from 20 top travel writers from around the globe (see below). The book was compiled and edited by Janna Graber,  an award-winning American travel journalist and TV producer. She has covered destinations around the globe for more than 40 newspapers, magazines and websites, and was the on-camera host of Great Escapes. While studying abroad in Austria during college, Janna became enamored with exploring other countries and cultures — and hasn’t looked back since. She has snorkeled with belugas in the Arctic, trekked through the rugged lands of the Outback and explored remote jungles in Myanmar, but what she treasures most is the opportunity to meet so many fascinating people around the world. Janna is currently a managing editor at Go World Travel Magazine. 




Kimberley Lovato

Peter Mandel

James Michael Dorsey

Shilpa Gupta

Annia Lekka

Michele Peterson

C. Lill Ahrens

• John A Kumiski

Rob Woodburn

Margie Goldsmith

Gabriella Brand

Nithin Coca

Rick Zullo

Christina Hamlett

• Sofie Couwenbergh

• Rebeca Dunn-Krahn

Cece Romanyshyn

Rick Neal

Bill Wasserzieher



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