Midwest Book Review: Adventures of a Lifetime

Midwest Book Review: Adventures of a Lifetime


The March 2015 issue of Midwest Book Review’s magazine “California Bookwatch” features a review of  Adventures of a Lifetime.


Donovan’s Small Press Highlights
Review by Diane Donovan, Editor
Midwest Book Review

Adventures of a Lifetime
Janna Graber, Editor
World Traveler Press
9780990878629, $16.95, www.worldtravelerpress.com

Adventures of a Lifetime: Travel Tales from Around the World is for travelers seeking palpable action and ‘you-are-there’ scenarios from their armchair explorations of the world.

The second book in the World Traveler Tales series, Adventures of a Lifetime gathers over twenty stories of adventure and action. The book follows a similar format and theme to its predecessor, Chance Encounters: Travel Tales from Around the World, but with more remote locales. Such journeys are diverse affairs, ranging from a camel trek in Mali to getting lost in an Indonesian jungle.

Don’t use this as a travel guide or as a blueprint for similar sojourns, however: it’s not intended that way, and there are plenty of other guidebooks on the market that offer the ‘where to go/what to see/where to eat’ nuggets of practicality for destination-bound travelers.

Adventures of a Lifetime comes from an award-winning travel journalist with an eye for unusual experiences. She uses her own lifetime of travel encounters to back her perception of what truly stands out in the genre. The stories here are recommended for armchair readers with a thirst for adventure and a passion for first-person accounts of (often poignant) hair-raising encounters.